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Sneak peak: How to paint "Space" Wolves

About a subtle as a brick to the face that title.

It's been a mad week, with Duke of Edinburgh expeditions, new reporting systems and other events kicking off, hence the total lack of posts. I have been saving this for a while, at least until the Genestealer Cults investigation is complete. I'm unlikely to finish until next week though, so enjoy this small preview of my new "Space Wolf" Great Company colour scheme.

Yes, this post and the piece I did on Magnus are two of the forms of suicide on Fenris.

I do like how the base green came out, and unlike many similar guides didn't need anything apart from standard Citadel paints. A proper guide is incoming!

Until next time! Hopefully! If I can avoid the Sons of Russ a few days longer...

Thanks for reading.

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If you have anything you…

Kill Team Guide: The disappointing truth of Genestealer Cults Tactics

With one gem amongst the other situational and niche Tactics, the Genestealer Cults are going to be more reliant on the general and Specialist tactics. With the School League ruling that only 5 Tactics per force are allowed, I can’t see these seeing much use.

With that said, they do provide some interesting reactions to situations, and so have their place in less restrictive Matched, Open and Narrative play.

General Tactics
Tactic: Unnatural SensesUse when a model is declared as the target of a chargeThe model may fire Overwatch even if the model isn’t visible The model counts as obscuredCost: 1CP
We’re not starting off with a great one, being as amazingly niche as it is. The model being obscured only counts in terms of Injury rolls, Overwatch needed natural 6s to Hit in any case. In anything but the school’s league this is a nifty tactic to bring out as a surprise to the enemy. However, if you’re ever limited in the number of tactics you can bring feel free to skip this one.

Tactic: D…

I done a YouTube...

It's been a long day (actually haven't finished yet... 8:30pm and still 3 contact hours to go), and I'm just about tired enough not to care about how embarrassed I am about this. I made a YouTube clip of a older blog article.

I'm strongly considering switching to this instead of the written blog, but I appreciate I have a lot to learn about video making. I also love writing, and it would be a massive wrench to drop the written form. A happy medium between written blog and video content is probably what I'd strive for.

And of course, the video content would just be the same as written. The same nerdy stuff and over thinking rules and list crafting.

Well, all that is something of a pipe dream. Enjoy my dulcet tones.

Or at least I'm sorry for my funny voice.

Until  next time!

Thanks for reading.

If you liked what you saw, and you want to help out, please leave a comment. Sharing this with your friends, and following me on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ would also be …

Kill Team Guide: Secrets of the Sicarians

I'm officially on my second week of non-stop late nights at work, by which I mean I literally do not get out of the boarding house until 11pm after a 7am start. With the idea of a robot body having more and more appeal, we wrap up our analysis of the AdMech with some of my favourite models from Games Workshop: the Sicarians.

Sicarians The Sicarian frame is not the sturdiest in the world, but hits hard and fast. It’s no tank, and it shouldn’t be fielded as such, more an aggressive and panic inducing model.

The common attributes of the Sicarian models are as follows:

Bionics: 6+ invulnerable save2 WoundsLightning quick 8-inch movementStrength 4
They are tougher and faster than your Skitarii units, and at first blush are geared for all out assault. Toughness 3 is not quite the detriment it was in older editions of 40K. It’s still relatively weak, but you’ll be caught by 2+ To Wound rolls less often in Kill Team than in 7th or older.

Strength 4 alongside their wargear options puts the…

Magnus the Red, the True Viking Primarch

This is half a thought I had about Magnus the Red being more of a Viking Primarch than Leman Russ. I never quite had time to research the idea, but I thought I'd share the half-finished idea with you all now for discussion. Why? Because it's blog post day, I still have 5 hours of school work to do and it's already 9pm.

Enjoy the idea, and see if you can flesh it out a bit more than I have!

Whilst everyone considers Leman Russ to be the quintessential Viking primarch due to his reputation fo heavy drinking and general combat demeanour (a fancy way of saying he likes to hit stuff with a sword), Magnus is actually a much better candidate to represent the Norse in 40K.

You might be thinking that he much more clearly represents the Egyptians. Well, there's a difference between visual aesthetic and plot themes. Everything about Magnus hints at a far more Northerly inspiration than Ra or others in the Egyptian pantheon.

In fact... he's Odin.

Let's start with some gen…

Kill Team Guide: What you need to know about Skitarii

Term has hit surprisingly hard this year, and it looks like I will working for three weeks straight without a day off again. I'm also on the late night shift for three quarters of that, so please forgive any disruption to the post schedule.

As a scientitst and geek I should be more into the Adeptus Mechancus than I am. I like the aesthetics of most of the models, but then the fluff pulls me right out of actually purchasing models. I'm not a fan of religious dogma, no matter how many 1s or 0s make up the hymns. It grates against my teacher's ethics to have unthinking discipline, and I find the idea of electronically enforced servitude utterly repellent.

But I really like the idea of Skitarii as more free thinking volunteers, out to better mankind's understanding of the universe by defending the engineers and architects who work for it. So I bend the fluff a little in my end to make it work for me. But let's talk about crunch instead.

The Troops In discussing the va…