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Remembrance Day 2018

It's 11th of November, and the 100 year Anniversary of the end of Word War 1.

The tradition here in the UK is to wear poppies and lay wreathes of the flower on various memorials dotted around the country, as a way of paying respects to soldiers who gave their lives during both World Wars in particular and and solider who has lost their life in service in general.

It's a sombre cultural event, and is usually about the tragedy of war and the importance of keeping peace. Paper poppy sales go on to fund veteran charities and such. Last year I "converted" two Games Workshop Models, stripping them of weapons in place of being flower holders.

To this day they stand in the front of my classroom, holding their poppies up. It's important for those of us who push around plastic soldiers and entertain ourselves with stories of war and combat to remember that our table top fantasy is built on a foundation of utter catastrophe.

These models are a reminder that the opportunity…