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BREAKING NEWS: 8th Edition Dark Angels Chapter Tactics and Stratagems analysis!

By the Golden Throne... did the Dark Angels ever come back stronger?! The codex teasers have been revealed over on Warhammer Community, and it's time to see how the 1st Legion have fared in the shift to 8th Edition.

They've done quite well...

I'm going to break this into three shorter posts, as there is a great deal to get through. The Chapter Tactic alone is going to be a huge game changer for most Space Marine players, and needs a lot more in-depth analysis.

Chapter Tactic


Not only is this an incredibly strong offensive tactic, it's also a very strong defensive one. It's even a strong leadership tactic, making it so much more useful than the Blood Angels and equivalent Codex Marine tactics it's not even funny.

I'll start with the down side, which is not even that much of an issue. You'll need to be stationary to enact this tactic fully. Note the wording; "so long as it did not move in its prior Movement phase", meaning to fire overwat…

BREAKING NEWS: New Units for Blood Angels, and advice on how to use them

A promised, Warhammer community have released the new units available to the Blood Angels in their next codex. The advice they give is somewhat lacking, so I'll give you my opinion on how best to use them.
The confirmed units available are:
All Primaris marinesCataphractii and Tartaros TerminatorsStormhawk Interceptor and Stormtalon GunshipHunter and Staler Anti-aircraft tanksCataphractii captain So let's look at each part, in the context of the released Stratagems and relics:
I've done numerous reviews on Primaris Units, and I'll be updating those with the Blood Angels Tactics. I'll summarise them here first though.
Blood Angel Intercessors hit harder in combat thanks to the Blood Angel chapter tactic. They're still not a fully melee force, but can perform objective assaults far more effectively than other Space Marines. They still won't annihilate anything in the first round of combat, but they may be enough to break an already softened up en…

The Philosophy of Ork Kulture

"Wow, I was expecting a diatribe about Sisters of Battle or all male Space Marines but this really made me think. Thanks." - First response to previous post.

This is progress!

I'm still holding fire on talking about the human element of 40K, and meandering through the xenos races. I think talking about Space Marines and Guard is simply a surface level analysis of the diversity and social politics present in the Grim Dark future.

Today the Orks are up for review, being the most universally loved faction in 40K, and perhaps the only alien race created to have 100% support and respect from a fan base. Okay, the table top rules for them fall in and out of favour like a yo-yo, but simply mentioning the green skins has people going WAAAGGHHH!!!

To put it in perspective, consider the Tolkein orcs and orcoids from Lord of the Rings. Whilst people generally respect the story of the franchise, no one has waxed lyrical on the orcs, despite them being the main antagonists in all o…

BREAKING NEWS: Blood Angel Chapter Tactics, Traits and Stratagems Analysis!

The Blood Angels Chapter tactics, stratagems and relics dropped yesterday, and I'm really pleased with what's been added!

Chapter tactic

Wow... that's huge. Let's talk about the good, the complication and the not so good.

The excellent is the straight melee damage buff to the Blood Angels. With this even your tacticals will be hitting as hard as T'au Pulse Rifles, and will be effectively wounding elder and Guard on 2s. They level the playing field somewhat against Plague Marines, making this a really solid tactic.

It also means they have a 1-in-3 chance of wounding big monsters, Imperial Knights and Land Raiders. That doesn't sound like much, but it's double the wounds coming from other Space Marines in melee... and these will be your regular dudes. Not only that, but they have a really strong possibility of punching Dreadnoughts to death! They wound those half the time!

The Death Company, with this rule, have suddenly catapulted ahead of most of the melee…

New Female Astra Militarum/Imperial Guard Kit?

Okay, the title is most definitely click bait, but I've been hoping for this stealth upgrade to the Imperial Guard every since the Necromunda rumours and leaks started last year:

It's not a massive leap of creativity to turn Necromunda gangers into Imperial Guard troopers, and certain people have been asking for more diversity (don't get triggered now, it's just a word) in the Astra Militarum for a long time.

The question is though, can you use the new Escher Gang kit as the basis for an Imperial Guard army?

I think so...


Okay, you're not getting the solid Start Collecting! kit deals, and you'll never get a specialist squad kit (so no heavy/special weapons without conversion). That's nothing new for the Tallarn, Steel Legion, Vostroyons, Vallhalans and Mordion Iron Guard fans though. The Eschers also have it slightly easier with their multi-part plastic kits.

But compare the standard kits:

Escher Gang Kit - £25
Cadian Shock Troops/Catachan Jungle Figh…

BREAKING NEWS: New Primaris Blood Angels kits

Just like some of the previous kits, Blood Angels are coming in with their own upgrade sprue bundled with Primaris Intercessors, Hellblasters and Aggressors.

Here's the upgrade sprue. It's great, but just like the Deathwatch one you're going to have a lot of left-over shoulder pads. Hopefully the larger gravis armour pads are the same size as Termy pads.
They also have a new character coming in (because Blood Angles only had ten, and need to catch up to Space Wolves...), the Primaris Lieutenant Tolmeron. The model is very austere as a character, but that's been the theme for Primaris HQ and characters since they arrived:

New models, even if they are just upgrade kits, are always welcome, but the most interesting part of the Warhammer Community drop is this:
As for new rules, there’s all the awesome stuff you know and love from the rest of this edition’s codexes – Stratagems, Warlord Traits, Psychic Powers and more – as well as some special extras. You’ll now be able to…

The reality of a broken hand

"I don't have time to die, I'm too busy!" - Goge Vandire, just before he was shot by proto-Sisters of Battle

Well, I've broken my hand. And it's made me realise something.

I should be happier right now, about the state of the blog and the content I'm producing. But I can see a dwindling daily view count, and I know the reasons why:
Erratic blog scheduleLess to zero current topics ... and there's not a whole lot I can do about it.

With a new baby and a job where I am now working various degrees of 7 days a week, there was no way of maintaining the one-post a day schedule I was so proud of. It's a common excuse I hear from students about not having enough time to do their homework, but it has got to the stage where there are not enough hours in the day.

My time is filled from about 8:15am to 7:00pm on a good day. If I'm on duty, then I don't finish work until 11pm. This is not an exaggeration. I am a deputy house master for a boarding schoo…