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T'au 500 point Starter Army, Heroes of The Greater Good

I'm revamping and re-tooling my T'au army. Although I'm certain the list I've come up with is both competitive and easy to use, I don't think I'll be continuing collecting T'au.

Whilst I'll never stop believing in mecha and the sheer coolness of robots, with Crisis Suits now solidly priced as an elite unit I can't form the Crisis Suit Wings that I love from 7th Edition. Firewarriors and Breacher teams are fantastic as Troop choices, and you really can't go wrong fielding them en masse. But I'm here for the Crisis Suits, and infuriatingly I can't fit nearly as many as I can in an army as the old days.

But enough of the old bitter veteran moaning, let's see what disgusting fire power we lay upon the enemy!

The army I had planned started as a Farsight Enclave list, to fit my Mu'gulath Bay Avengers (the poor homeless blue chaps above). However, the list works for every single Sept Tenet, and I'll explain after the list. Here we …

Mu'gulath Bay T'au and Project G'undam

... attack of the apostrophe drone.

With the release of the new codex, it's time to revisited my proud and scarred warriors from Mu'gulath Bay.

I don't have the codex yet, so I don't have the details, but from what I gather it hasn't gone well for the intrepid colonials from the Damocles Gulf.

In the wake of the fighting on Mu'gulath Bay (called Agrellan in the Imperium), the Imperials decided to spitefully launch one of their more spectacular Exterminatus attacks. Rather than just destroying the surface of the planet, they somehow set fire to the Damocles Gulf itself, erupting an entire region of space in flames... which potentially ripped the The Great Rift wider than it would otherwise had done.

The T'au left on Mu'gulath were kept proected by powerful Earth caste shields, but it looks like they may have had to abandon the planet. The survivors may even have been attacked by the T'au Empire itself, possibly running to the Farsight Enclaves.


Necrons and The Future Chapter Tactic of the Space Wolves?

I have to admit, I've always been fascinated by the Sons of Fenris. In them the grim dark of 40K perfectly fuses with the silliness and conceits of the setting. Of course there are space viking werewolves, and of course they're hard drinking and yet loyal to a fault.

And of course, they are a dying light of optimism in the galaxy after losing their home world. This is the original Grim Dark universe after all.

Their fluff is excellent, but I wanted to talk about some crunch today and engage in some speculation about their best potential Chapter Tactic.

Currently, they only have one warlord trait, and two stratagems. They have their own psychic discipline too, but it's a little on the weak side now.

Warlord traitSaga of the Warrior born: I'm not sure about its utility. It allows you to always fight first, unless another unit gets to do so for charging first or has a similar ability. Not bad, but you'd need to keep your warlord in melee all the time.
True …

Chosen of Nurgle - I be sick

Brothers, sisters, and unidentifiable spawns of the warp; Rejoice!

Papa Nurgle has honoured me by making my body a most blessed incubator of his latest contagion. Glory to his name, and may he find a more suitable host for the pus producing bacteria at the back of my throat.



No blog for a few more days, whilst my cursed body still attempts to reject this most generous gift by keeping my fever up. If you don't hear from me in a few days, assume I've ascended to daemon hood. In which case, look for my coming on dusk of the third day.

Until next time?

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T'au Mu'gulath Bay Cadre Fireblade Conversion Gallery

Finishing off a conversion job I started a longtimeago, the Cadre Fireblade is complete just in time for the release of the 8th Edition T'au Codex.

My Mu'gulath Bay T'au are unlike most other sept worlders. Having been subjected to the worst Exterminatus inflicted by the Imperium, as well as being the target of a huge crusade and focal point for the literal ripping of space-time into the warp, the Mu'gulath T'au in my army are not the happiest bunnies in the Empire.

None more so than this Fireblade, who has felt some distinctly un-Greater Good feelings stirring in his chest after seeing his universe literally torn apart around him. His armour is whispered to have been ripped from a Space Marine in single combat, and loaded with the usual suites and devices available to a Fireblade. Crippled from a suicidal charge a Leman Russ mounted Knight Commander with a sack of EMP grenades, he now rides a modified drone to battle.

At his core he is still a T'au, and his g…

Primaris Space Marine Field Police Inceptor Gallery

I be sick. Beyond man-flu sick, to actual sick. This is why I haven't updated the blog in a few days.

That's not to say I took time of school work willingly. It got to Thursday before my boss threatened to call in sick for me, and drag me off to the school medical centre. So I took that day off. I snuck in on Friday though, and taught my classes.

If you're wondering why, setting and marking cover work is just not worth the day off.

Anyway, last week I finished off my Space Marine Field Police Inceptors. Here they are:

The pose on the right Inceptor was a structural decision more than an artistic one. The poor guy kept slipping off of his mounting, so I glued him in by the foot as well. Makes for a lovely dynamic pose.

I've spent way too much time writing up back story for these guys, but they finally have the mesh between fluff (lore), crunch (rules), and style (painting) that I've been looking for. I'll let you know what that is soon.

Until next time!

Thanks f…

Warhammer Symbology: The Meaning of the Chaos Star

WARNING: Contains philosophy and ideas from a Physics teacher. Treat with extreme scepticism (and pity).

Warhammer 40K, and the creative sphere it creates, is predominantly a visual medium. Whilst there are models we can pick up, and abstract rules we can endlessly analyse, by far and away the most important aspect of the game is the things we see.

This is why you like playing against a fully painted army as opposed to the Plastic Grey Marines. We understand on an instinctive level that people with un-painted armies are not playing the game properly.

Since 40K is so heavily informed by visuals, it should come as no surprise that the symbols used are hugely important. I can guarantee that a number of new players are attractied to certain armies simply by the badge they wear, or the aesthetic of their icons. So it might be useful to know what the symbols mean as you go about making Your Dudes(TM).

One of the most easily recognised symbols in Warhammer (both 40K and Age of Sigmar) is th…

Space Marine Field Police Captain Gallery

Meet Judge-Captain Vimes, known for his stone faced demeanour and tremendous ability to teach the spirit as well as the letter of the law to recruits. He also famously lectures new Patrol Marines on the correct method of walking.

With the snow outside stopping any thought of undercoating my Eldar Rangers, I've returned to finish off my lovely Space Marine Field Police. I have, perhaps, spent far too long thinking up lore and back story for my custom chapter, but I think the results have been worth it.

Nos es Lex.

I haven't done any of the trademark hazard stripes yet, but I think I'll only do them on the pistol this time.

Until next time!

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