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Deathwatch Special Issue Ammunition Selector: Bolt Carbines and Stalker Bolt Rifles

After nearly 2 months of uninterrupted work, I'm back to having a scrap of time to blog. Happily nothing much happened in the world of Games Workshop whilst I was away, right? Right?

I'm sure I'll catch up. This is a handy cheat sheet I've been sitting on since... May. Wow. I have been gone a while.

You think the carbine and Stalker Bolt rifle would be complex in their ammunition choices, or at least as complex as the Bolt Rifle or standard issue Bolter. Nope.

They're so easy to pick between, you can fit all the options for both weapons on one page.

Whilst the Carbine/Auto bolt rifle has a little bit more nuance to it, the introduction of a base AP-2 really reduces the effect of Kraken and Vengeance for the Stalker. However, unless you're desperate for a bolter that can plink awa at everything on the battlefield, I'd recommend skipping the Stalker. It doesn't do as much work as your other choices, and its real niche is turning your Intercessors into ba…

Still busy, but had to comment on this guy's hand gesture...

Still insanely busy here in the last week of school, but I really had to say something about this new Knight Incantor model's hand gesture. This was revealed on Warhammer Community just recently.

If you're not from the UK, showing the back of your two fingers like that is how you swear at someone. Yes, this guy is literally swearing at the enemy.

Purchase of this model is now mandatory before someone with less of a sense of humour gets it changed. Go go go!

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