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I done a YouTube...

It's been a long day (actually haven't finished yet... 8:30pm and still 3 contact hours to go), and I'm just about tired enough not to care about how embarrassed I am about this. I made a YouTube clip of a older blog article.

I'm strongly considering switching to this instead of the written blog, but I appreciate I have a lot to learn about video making. I also love writing, and it would be a massive wrench to drop the written form. A happy medium between written blog and video content is probably what I'd strive for.

And of course, the video content would just be the same as written. The same nerdy stuff and over thinking rules and list crafting.

Well, all that is something of a pipe dream. Enjoy my dulcet tones.

Or at least I'm sorry for my funny voice.

Until  next time!

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Please keep the written blog, though I do look forward to more videos. As I commented on YT, adjusting the position of the mic to cut down on wind and pop will improve the overall sound.

    1. Thanks! I don't think I could ever stop writing. No other medium quite fits in my hectic schedule, and a written article will always be my default.


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