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Things that keep me blogging...

First, things that keep me from blogging:

  • DofE Expeditions
  • Report Writing
  • House Drama rehearsals
  • School inspections during House Drama

But the things that keep me blogging?

"Reivers... they're like Space Marine ninjas."

Jus' gonna sneak up on dis git 'ere...

Ork snipers...

We'z got da 'igh ground! Dat meanz our dakka 'urtz more! WAAAGGGHHH!!!

Vicious fire fights

Sniper rifles were meant for assault range...

The inexorable approach of The Law... and Kau'yon ambushes.

Hope you've got a permit for those pulse rifles, mate.

And finally... the Light of the Emperor

Cue the orchestral music

Kill Team has been a fantastic thing for the school club, and I really hope to share all the stories falling out of it soon. Sorry for the lack of regular updates.

Until next time.

Thanks for reading.

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