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CONFIRMED: GWs New Tabletop Farming Game

I'll be honest... the pieces were always right there in front of us. I don't usually like to jump to conclusions and make an ass out of myself with wild speculation, but this bit of evidence is just so compelling, I had to post it.

Rumour Engine picture from Warhammer Community

Clearly this is some kind of Chaos plough.

This further evidence confirms it... a scythe for the Harvesting phase of the game, taken from the Death Guard teaser trailer, which is clearly just a red herring.

We can safely confirm the upcoming release of Games Workshop's table top farming game; Nurgle's Garden.

I predict plant progression mechanics borrowed from Gorkamorka (because orks are basically fungus, so they develop the same as plants), and that Tzeentch players will receive negative modifiers to everything.

Next time: Other breaking news about completely made up products.

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