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Game of Thrones Themed 40K Army, and Chaos Renegades

I was watching Game of Thrones last night, along with approximately 70% of the TV viewing public, dreaming up lists to re-imagine the army barbecue on screen. In a somewhat fortunate twist, Chaos Renegades are happy to oblige!

The Renegades are true Chaotic Evil, attacking with reckless abandon. Unlike the World Eaters, their theme is not acting like a big mass of whirling chain blades and flying bits of chunky salsa. No, their theme is a fast moving mass of whirling chain blades and flying bits of chunky salsa, with copious amounts of fire thrown in for good measure.

So yes, this is a combat themed army, and not much more to it. Icon of Fury is your friend here, and bikes with their flat bonus to advancing are really very good. First turn charges are not just a possibility, but standard if you load up on chain sword equipped bikers.

There's a little more strategy to be had... flamers and melta guns can be fired on the advance, making these the premier burning guys. If you advance into flamer ranger you've got a very good chance of pulling off the charge as well, making this a seriously strong contender for best Chaos trait.

Cult Marines universally benefit depending on load out. Plague Marines can tar pit like crazy, Noise Marines can rock out and then charge afterwards, and you don't even need to ask about Khorne Beserkers! Even the Thousand Sons get a look in, if you load them up with Warp Flamers. These do a slightly different tanky job compared to the Plague Marines, with more Fire and relying upon a 2+ Save and Invulnerables.

So with that in mind, why do I bring up Game of Thrones? Well, the Renegades can literally be a Dothraki horde, and ironically do it better than White Scars and Atillan Rough Riders (if anyone remembers those!).

You can even have a dragon!

So can we squeeze a little Targaryen flair into 40K? Yes. Yes you can. Even in 500 points!

Chaos Patrol Detachment: Dracarys


Chaos Lord: Power Axe, Combi Flamer
[90 points]


Chaos Space Marines: Mark of Khorne, Icon of Wrath, 4x Chainsword Marines, Champion with Power Axe
[80 Points]

Fast Attack

Chaos Bikers: Mark of Khorne, Icon of Wrath, 2x Chainsword Marines, Champion with Power Axe
[114 Points]


Heldrake: Baleflamer
[215 points]

Total: 499 Points

Is this competitive? Absolutely not! But it's very easy to use. Charge head-long at the enemy, and yell Dracarys every time the Heldrake does something.

And that will be the meat of your fun. In the first turn fly towards the enemy, burn it and charge. in the second turn, Fall Back and burn some more. In the third turn, burn and charge. Rinse, repeat until the enemy is a smoking pile of ash.

Bikers charge up as a distraction really, and the Chaos Marines run up to take any objectives that are left.

As a variant if the idea of a foot slogging Lord doesn't fit your ideal Dothraki commander, you can swap out the Chaos Space Marines for Cultists and swap the combi flamer on the Lord for a bike. The advantage of cultists is using your command points to bring back the whole unit behind the enemy if they nearly die... very much a Dothraki Horde approach!

It's very much a fun army... there's no planning and no guilt. Get stuck in, rip, tear, and watch the galaxy burn.

Fire and Blood.

Until next time!

Thanks for reading.

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