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I've debated on this for sometime, so apologies if I trip over my own words now.

Put simply, 40K is expensive.

Shocking, I know. I think I must be the first person in the world to break this to you. Don't worry, it's still fun, but you may want to check how much is left in your bank account before walking into the shop.

The problem is club funds.

Whilst the support from the School's Alliance is above and beyond what you'd expect from Games Workshop, or any private company for that matter, they don't give out models. That's the policy, and quite reasonable when that's how you make your money.

There's also the snag of the time I spend writing this blog. As fun as it is, I have a family to feed, and I can't justify buying and painting models, followed by hours writing about buying and painting models. For those of you who have had mothers/wives/husbands/(gender)-friends roll their eyes at you when you say you're off for an evening playing with toy soldiers, you know the other big constraint of the hobby,

To be honest I can weather most of that for the sake of my creative outlets, but I can't turn a blind eye to the expense.

The school gives me some budget. But it's only about £100. That seems like a lot, but it's spread across 12 students, over the course of at least 3 months. That's about enough for a few pots of paint each, and one or two spare brushes. For the past year or so, the club has left me out of pocket to the tune of about £200.

I don't like the idea of advertising. It's clunky, fills up the screen, and generally makes the majority of gaming sites a minefield. And worst of all, not safe for young students. I hate that. I'd rather all this stuff be free for students to access and make their own clubs at their own schools. I'd like this to be a somewhat exponential content creation, where students are inspired by my own clubs activities, make their own, which gives us a club to play against, which gives us content to create, and so on.

So I've chosen Patreon.

If I can get just about £20 per week for the blog, I will be able to buy supplies for the club, and justify the time spent writing this blog.

I don't like the idea of asking for support, and I'd much rather everything be a passive gain. I don't think that will be possible though. And it actually led to some nifty ideas.

Patreon supporters will be able to put themselves into the canon of the blog. As rewards, patrons will be able to name models or pieces of terrain after themselves.

More on that as it goes. I just wanted to let people know that Patreon is here, and what the following message below is for:

Thanks for reading.

If you liked what you saw, and you want to help out, please visit and donate at my Patreon. Every Little helps!


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