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Warhammer 40K, Path to Glory

40K is a competitive game.

Yes, the narrative is an important part of it too, but if story is all you're interested in, you may as well be playing Dungeons and Dragons. That's not an insult, it's just that you don't wear snow shoes to go dancing.

Unless you're really hard core.

Stop thinking about snow shoe tap dancing tournament.

Getting back to the point, Warhammer 40K is competitive, and if you want to play it, you want to play it well. Although I'm by no means a neophyte (for though I shave my neck beard every day, it keeps growing back), but I'm not a great player. Or at least, not yet.

Every Chaos warlord starts as an Aspiring Champion, and progresses through bloody contest to fame, fortune, and generally more blood. Whilst I have no intention of decapitating my enemies, I do want to win games. Along the way, I'll be recording and critiquing my own performance in battles. This is for my professional development, and your amusement.

These chains of events will be collated under the neat title; Path to Glory. They will follow armies as I build them from small point lists up to standard tourney level, and you will get to input on them as they grow. If you see me failing to use a psychic power properly, you can weigh in and embarrass me in front of the whole internet!

It also means I get to let you be part of the narrative of each of the armies. I'll be letting people name units and characters in my lists as rewards for supporting me on Patreon (link below!). You will have some ownership over the army as it grows.

Games Workshop is founded on the principle of Your Dudes. I want every one of my readers to consider these armies as Your Dudes.

But what to start with? Well, I've got a few ideas...

Thanks for reading.

If you liked what you saw, and you want to help out, please visit and donate at my Patreon. Every Little helps!


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