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Death Guard Special Rules and Psychic Powers Preview Explained!

More rules for the Death Guard have dropped, but before we get into it I just want to say a special thanks to Lemondish. Thanks to him my blog titles can only be mildly click baity, instead of flagrantly click baity.

death guard nurgle rules review
The Gardeners of Nurgle approach fresh growing grounds

On to the Death Guard, with some rules with a few but significantly powerful rules. Here are the units they get from the vanilla codex:

  • Chaos Lords,
  • Sorcerers
  • Chaos Cultists
  • Helbrutes
  • Possessed
  • Chaos Spawn
  • Chaos Land Raiders
  • Defilers
  • Chaos Predators
  • Chaos Rhinos. 
How these units interact with the rules will make or break this army, so let's dive in!

Really quite good for. All your hell brutes and Infantry can now move and shoot without penalty, giving this army some rather quirky mobility. Although they're not the quickest at travel, they suffer nothing for doing so. So... quirky mobility.

The rapid fire increase also gives them greater threat range, so mobility is perhaps not as important. Being able to double tap your weapons 6-inches further than the others means you can somewhat out range opponents, and actually kite some of the slower ones out there, even with Plague Marines!

Okay, so it's not army wide Feel No Pain, but this rule falls on all of the unique units that you collect Death Guard for. Robust Plague Marines and almost unfairly tough bloat drones mean you simply absorb damage!

Unfortunately you can't get this on cultists, which would have made them crazily overpowered in the codex. As they don't have it, they're merely very good! 18-inch double tap autoguns along side better heavy stubber fire make cultists arguable more shooty than Imperial Guard, despite the lack of special weapon variety.


No really! +1 to wound on attacks means you'll ne wounding Imperial Knights at least one third of the time, and swamping them with Poxwalkers can mean these beasts actually die horribly to a zombie horde. Or a bunch of cultists... yes, that symbol of Imperial might can be brought low more easily by a mob armed with rusty spoons than Space Marines!

Getting those mortal wounds slowing churning out from plague weapons is a nice bonus, and in addition to all the rules discussed two days ago keeps the steady death theme going.

Where to begin? Getting Plague Marines to wound on 3s against other Astartes re-rolling 1s thanks to Plague Knives? Strength 4 cultists? Strength 5 Poxwalkers? Toughening up a unit for a whole turn? An extremely potent spell, as it affects the whole unit.

So far all these have been tremendously powerful rules, that really capture the oppressive feel of the Death Guard army. They put out steady damage, if not an amazing number of attacks, and can weather storms of fire. The may not be fast, but they are relentless in every sense of the word.

However, there are a few new units yet to be revealed, so lets just sit tight and wait for them to complete the picture we're getting of this army.

Until next time! 

Thanks for reading.

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