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Recursive Newness

It's a girl!

Weighing in at 3.3kg she is healthy, happy, and far easier to manage than our son was at that age. Her brother is showing all the standard jealousy that you'd expect, but he's really been coping well!

And that's frankly amazing. Not only is he dealing with the stress of a new baby sister sucking up his parent's time that used to be reserved for him, he's also managed to wade through a house move and watching in fear as all his toys were sealed up into cardboard boxes.

What was truly amazing was the response from you all! I was genuinely surprised when I got the congratulatory comments coming in, and it's boosted my drive to work no end! Thank you all so much for your kind words!

So, new baby, and new house. Anything else new for his daddy, the Tabletop Teacher? Well I wouldn't be me if I didn't load myself up with work!

First up, blog will be going back onto it's daily schedule. I'm dreading my personal stats when I do my first annual review, so I may need to put out some bumper posts to catch up. I'm somewhat proud of my one-a-day average, and it's been irritating to say the least where a week has gone by without anything substantial. I'm also going to be moving towards pod casts of my blog articles, so that you can enjoy my incredible analysis pieces whilst you paint or do non-Warhammer related things.

Secondly, new term is coming tomorrow. My student neophytes will be arriving for duty next week as club activities get started. We're going to make a big push for the School's League this year, and get an actual team going.

In addition to that, I will be starting an internal tournament to keep the students sharp. I'm thinking of a ladder tournament, but I'm very open to suggestions for something more exciting. There will be two tiers, with younger students playing Age of Sigmar and the older students playing 40K

Thirdly, more Dungeons and Dragons content is coming. I have managed to get some gated time on Saturday (we're a boarding school that runs effectively 7 days a week) for a DnD group for older students. I'll be documenting there progress and shennanigans here, as I think it's worth seeing what other groups get up to. There's no shortage of adults playing DnD and posting them on the Youtubes, but very little of the vast majority of players i.e. teenagers.

Fourthly, I'm working on a new club room! Right now my Space Marines are tucked away under benches and a mobile storage unit (read: box with wheels). They need a new home, and a place to be displayed. This new room is fully endorsed to become a true nerd cave, fully stocked with everything a young neck beardling needs.

Fifthly (yep we're up to 5 new things, not including babies and houses), I start as Assistant Housemaster this year. Leveraging my nerdiness, there may be an internal house tournament for Magic the Gathering. It looks like the dominant game for our house nerds right now, and I aim to bring it out of the dorm rooms and into the open. The Housemaster, my boss, is also a massive nerd so I have full support.

So to summarise, all the new things this month:

  • New baby
  • New house
  • New job
  • New blogging schedule
  • New term and School's Leage
  • New internal tournament
  • New Dungeons and Dragons
  • New club room to get sorted

With all those new things stacking on top of each other, I'm quite glad there hasn't been anything exciting in the Games Workshop marketing cycle for the past few weeks! Trying to keep on top of all the new things as well as that would be a nightmare, and I'm glad GW hasn't, say, resurrected an old game that was hugely popular with brand new miniatures and board pieces with plenty of room for expansion later on.

Can you imagine the analysis and digging up of old articles and rules I'd have to do if that was the case?

 What? Why are you grinning like that?

Until next time.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Congratulations! You've got a lot on your hands. It's understandable that you should take time away from your blog now and then, as much as we love gaming there are more important things in life - family, work, home, etc.
    I hope that podcasts don't completely replace your articles - I don't often have the opportunity to listen, certainly not as much as I get to read.

    Looking forward to the progress of your club room and I just can't WAIT for the return of Necromunda (my all-time favorite and most-played game ever) and your coverage of it. Cheers!

    1. Thanks very much! Don't worry, the podcasts will be in support of the written content. The podcasts will essentially be a spoken version of blog posts.


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