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Female Astra Militarum Regiment: Officer Conversions

A quick series of work in progress pictures for my all female Astra Militarum/ Imperial Guard regiment.

The first up is the officer. This one was fairly easy; A head swap, which didn't even require much in the way of making space for it. The head is from the Escher gang kit, and the body is the Commissar from the Start Collecting Militarum Tempestus kit.

The bolter is a spare from the Space Wolf pack kit, but honestly any old bolter would do. I went for the Wolf one to maximise potential rage at the officers back story!

militarum tempestus officer astra militarum imperial guard all female girl women regiment conversion plasma

The back story for this matronly officer (who I'm calling Maggie for now), is based from a fairly typical female heroine story structure. This structure is young girl goes off into the wilderness, and finds some bestial, uncivilised but competent and strong guy.

Over time she civilises him, turns him into a virtuous member of society, and they live happily ever after. Beauty and the Beast essentially, but you can see the same pattern in Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey (with vampires and millionaire tyrants in place of a beast). Now you know why those stories are popular... they follow archetypal trends.

I want my regiment to come from Armageddon, and there was a brief time the Space Wolves were there, and that's probably enough for people to draw conclusions and rage from that point on.

Next up are the Militarum Tempestus Scions, commonly known as Storm Troopers.

Again, simple head swaps, which make the armour realy look bulky on them. I'm not hugely happy with them, so I might be leaving the rest of the Scions with helmets. The heads for the two on the left are from the Escher gang kit, and the one on the right is from the Eldar Guardian kit.

That's probably an eldar male face, but with the pointy-ears you can never really tell.

The plasma gun on the right is a conversion job from the Space Marine plasma gun kit. A fairly easy conversion, just a quick hand swap on most of it.

militarum tempestus officer astra militarum imperial guard all female girl women regiment conversion plasma

No massive back story for the Tempestus officer (who I'm calling Sabrina for now), except to say she's not a local girl, and actually comes from Cadia. I don't know why that seems right to me, but it might just be that she's brought the Kasrkin tradition with her.

With that in mind, she could have set up a Storm Trooper training program on Armageddon for these women's particular hive, so I can circumvent the more official Tempestus training channels. This side-steps any lore conflicts that might crop up, just in case the scions are all male, like the Space Marines.

I've nicknamed these the Glory Gals, but I can't decide if that's insulting or not.

Finally the rank and file; the Infantry squad.

Nothing much here to mention, except that some of the lasguns are in fact shotguns and autoguns with last pistol barrels glued to the front. These are all from the Escher kit, and whilst th majority of the models were converted within that kit, the Sergeant has a chainsword from the Tempestus kit.

militarum tempestus officer astra militarum imperial guard all female girl women regiment conversion plasma

Basically everything here has been converted, and I'm quite pleased with how the majority look. Next up will be a painting guide for vehicles.

Until next time!

Thanks for reading.

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