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Deathwatch Special Issue Ammunition Selector!

Have you ever wondered which is the optimum ammunition to use for your Deathwatch Veterans? Would you like to know what is best to use in any situation?

Don't worry. Teacher made a cheat sheet.

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I spent a day making this.

Don't judge me, I was pinned in the boarding house and couldn't get on with anything more meaningful. I'm not convinced it's very clear though, and there's a few secret pointers for you dear readers, which the people who don't click the link on social media will know.

  • If using a doctrine, treat the toughness bracket as being one higher.
  • If target is in cover, treat armour save as one higher

Dragonfire only has application in very specific circumstances... as far as I can tell, only Toughness 1-2 models with camo-cloaks suffer slightly more. So effectively, you have the perfect tool for killing Ratlings. Quite why the Deathwatch has an ammunition type for dealing specifically with abhumans says a lot about the Imperium.

I'll do the bolt rifle and bolt carbine next. They're subtly different in application. Oh, and let me know if I made a mistake. My maths is terrible (but don't tell the Head of Physics!). The image was made with A4 paper in mind, so it should be okay to print.

Until next time!

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