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Deathwatch Special Issue Ammunition Selector: Bolt Rifle

You'd think it would be the same chart as the Bolter, just with every shot buffed by -1AP. The maths makes it a little different though:

deathwatch 40k warhammer 40000 special issue bolt rifle ammunition selector what ammo type should i use? kill team veteran dragonfire kraken vengeance

** For the bolt pistol use the chart in the Bolter Selector page.

Hellfire really rises to prominence for the Bolt Rifle. An AP-1 weapon wounding nearly everything on a 2+ is special weapon territory... the nearest comparison is a Tau cyclic ion blaster!

As with the bolter:

  • If using a doctrine, treat the toughness bracket as being one higher.
  • If target is in cover, treat armour save as one higher
Dragonfire has a little bit more use here, but you're still better off ignoring it except for exceptional circumstances. 

Really don't underestimate this weapon. A full squad of 10 Intercessors, without any Kill Team options, can cripple a 5-man Terminator squad and have double the wounds. And do it for about 50 points less than the Terminators!

Auto-bolt rifle/carbine coming up!

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Absolutely love these charts - well done!

    1. Thanks! I'll be honest, they're a product of me getting bored in exam invigilation monitoring. Time well spent I think!

  2. Hi, nice tables, these will be very useful. Vengeance vs kraken would also be good to note, if you haven't already. Usually there's a pretty simple rule of "If kraken gives you more shots, go with that, else use vengeance." They do tie in some sections though, and I haven't done all the maths for it.
    The stalker pattern boltgun would be good to do as well, but luckily things like storm bolters don't need their own separate tables!

    There could be interesting rewsults if half the squad is in one distance and half in another, that would apply for all the ammo. Too complex to include that, I say ...

  3. Hi, thanks for commenting! The chart takes that into account. The choices given for each range are the most optimal, with the least optimal dropped for clarity. Where Kraken and Vengeance are the same (really only for 6+ save units), the only difference is double tap range. This is why the ranges are set up as they are, taking the rapid fire effect into account for each ammo type.

    For the split ranges, that's a tricky thing. There's a stratagem which lets you use different ammo types withinnthe unit, but you want to save your CP for other things. My gut tells me that you should favour the shorter range table, as they give you higher damage. A little more thought though leads me to the following:

    Favour ammo which has 2 shots for the whole unit.
    Then use shortest range ammo possible.

    As an example, 2 shots of Kraken is always better than 1 shot of Vengeance. Neat little problem to solve though, thanks for bringing it up!


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