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DnD Scenario: The Potion Shop Brawl

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The First Patron of the blog (fully deserving of their capital letters), has requested more Dungeons and Dragon content.

Whilst a full adventure is a little difficult to do in my schedule during term time, I can still do one off dungeons/locations that can be daisy chained together for a proper adventure.

The first one for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition is a map I created after being inspired by the Shadow Run starter box set. That, which is alright for its price but certainly not a necessary purchase, has a nice little scenario set in a convenience store.

Which is good, but doesn't work well in the context of a fantasy setting.

Hence making this.

It's set in a potion shop, with the owner being a far too smug and arrogant half-elf called Zorba. He's utterly insufferable, and feel free to describe him with a four letter swear word of your choice.

He sneers at you as you enter the shop, and clearly isn't interested in serving any dirty adventures, no matter what their level or Charisma modifier.

As the scenario progresses, an unsatisfied half-orc walks in to complain about a skin colouring potion that has turned him blue, the local mafia bust in the demand pay back for a loan Zorba took out, and an all-out brawl breaks out in the middle of the shop!

Potions explode in clouds of colour smoke, and splatter the brawlers in paint like substances, and sometimes the mix of potions causes unforeseen magical interactions... including turning a participant into a sheep!

It's a silly little hack'em'up scenario, more of a stress relief during or after a heavy adventure.

All stat blocks can be found in the Monster Manual.

Thanks for reading.

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