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Rumour: Duardin plot thickens...

The rumour engine has just cranked out (somewhat ironically) this cog:

Whilst it could well be part of any machine, either 40K or Age of Sigmar, the bolted panel in the bottom right corner is eerily similar to other things we've seen:

Obviously they're just rivets or bolts, but the theme here is exposed machinery. Most factions prefer armour cladding, and there's only one or two factions that show this kind of access to the inner workings.

One of those would be the Adeptus Mechanicus, but the issue here is that it doesn't look alien enough to be them. AdMech tend to the more creepy version of machinery. We also have the below to consider, with that dwarf showing his deep love of cogs.

There's also this... I think I was mistaken when I said this was part of an AdMech character. It could be a Duardin construct. If so, Games Workshop marketing have been playing a long game indeed...

Again, note the quite obvious bolting and riveting on the edge of the panels.

I'm kind of hopeful for a Duardin release. What drives me a bit from Age of Sigmar is the overly magical tone of the inhabitants. I'd quite like a faction who would fight back the forces of Chaos with combination of technology and axe to the face.

What do you think it is?

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