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Project Flying Space Marine: Galvanic Thruster

This... failed. But it does look good!

So the reason this doesn't work is simple Physics.

This is a Van de Graaf generator. All it does it put electrons on the top dome, which can't escape leading to a build up of negative charge.

What we do is put a pie plate on top of the generator dome, and stick the jump pack marine (Ravenguard of course) to the pie plate. The plate becomes coated with electrons as well, and thus is negatively charged. Like charges repel, and so the plate, and Marine fly away!

Except the shape of the negative charge field is the shape of the dome... so the Marine just kind of slides off to the side.

This can be fixed with MOAR POWER! But that's not really likely to happen with school equipment.

This Space Marine is determined to fly though, and we will find new and exciting ways of launching this mini into the sky!

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