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Free Warhammer Scenario!

Yep, free as the sky!

My first scenario I wrote on Patreon is available to the public. There have been a fair few posts since then, and if you want to see all of them, drop a few pennies into the hat (seriously, minimum donation is $1). Those pennies will go towards my school's club.

Whilst I do get a budget for the term, and a great deal of support from Games Workshop itself, I still put in about £100-£200 worth of my own money into getting club supplies for each term. I don't mind doing it, and I do use the paints and tools for my own projects, but it does cut into my families budget quite a bit.

Helping me out on Patreon means that I can keep the club in paintbrushes and spray cans without putting me into bankruptcy (and maybe buy some more technical tools for the students). As ever, I want this to be a resource for students and teachers alike, and don't want to start adverts to avoid any issues with school firewalls.

Have a look at my first scenario, and remember, supporting me on Patreon means access to more, as well as the smug self-satisfaction of helping people on start out on their hobby.

Until next time!

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