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Gardeners of Nurgle: Poxwalker Gallery

The Poxwalkers for my Gardeners of Nurgle Death Guard are now complete. The bases will all be done when I can get my airbrush up and running properly.

What's great about these models is that they were all achieved with just three base paints and selection of shades:

  • White spray base paint
  • Reikland flesh shade for skin
  • Carbourg crimson shade for maggots and tentacles
  • Coelia Green shade for blight marks
  • Caliban green for clothes
  • Lead Belcher for metallics
  • Ushabti bone for horns and bone (duh)
  • Agrax Earthshade pretty much all over the actual  paints 

They won't win Golden Daemon, but they took about 30 mins to get all done, excluding drying times. Not bad for 20 models! There are some other details and base colours in the pictures below, but I was basically experimenting rather than getting them tabletop ready.

poxwalkers nurgle zombies death guard chaos
Glowing eyes achieved with Sybarite green and White scar dots 
poxwalkers nurgle zombies death guard chaos
The green and bone ties them in with the Plague Marines

poxwalkers nurgle zombies death guard chaos
Reikland Fleshade over white is my favourite way to do skin

poxwalkers nurgle zombies death guard chaos
I think this guy is my favourite.. he's so happy!

poxwalkers nurgle zombies death guard chaos
See the hammer in the middle? Agrax Earthshade over Averland Sunset makes for quite a good light wood tone

poxwalkers nurgle zombies death guard chaos
The brown of the guy on the left is actually just two coats of Agrax Earthshade over white
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