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School's League 2017: First Warhammer 40K Skirmishes

Absolutely rammed at the moment, which is why the blog is updating so sporadically. However, it does not mean nothing is happening (only that my statistics are steadily getting worse... grumble grumble). Here are a few shots of the first 40K skirmishes in the club, including a few from a quick starter match I ran for raw neophytes.

All the painted models in these pictures are from student Initiates. The only ones left base coated are mine or club models... teacher needs to catch up on his painting!

There was actually a game played with that last picture, but people forgot which models were theirs. It turned into an absolute mess, where random numbers of dice were being rolled, and unit cohesion was lost altogether. Cultists were flailing around randomly, with new cultists being brought to the field as players tried to work out what casualties should have stayed on the field.

On the upside, I think I just created a mini-game to play out the Ork Mob-rule rule.

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