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Project Club Room: First Pictures

Whilst I think a Physics lab is quite possibly the best place to hold a Warhammer Club (easy access to water, clamps, power sockets, burning flames and water bottle rockets), my Head of Department is starting to grumble over the small horde of toy soldiers piling up in the classroom.

He's quite right to do so. Any normal teacher would simply cut down on models. Any sane person would just get students to take their stuff home with them.

I am neither normal, nor entirely sane. For evidence of this, remember that I have a Science and Engineering degree and chose to spend my time teaching instead of raking in money with an oil company.

So, following Jaghatai Khan's advice, I looked for some walls to break and expand my territory. Here's a room that I've found, nestled in my boarding house. It even has easy access to a kitchen!

It's a little full of furniture right now, but this is an ideal space. Whilst having a certain cave-like quality to it as you enter, the big windows on the side mean we have plenty of natural light. The grassy bit outside means I can supervise students with spray cans, and still keep my eye on what's happening inside.

So, time to stake my claim. This is where I drop the White Scars Primarch's advice, as lightning strikes wielding a chain sword on top of a motor bike are only going to get me fired.

I need to use cunning. Guile. Strategy, and charisma.

Also chocolate.

Until next time.

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