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Little thought: Your Eternal Dudes

Another quick one before I collapse into a coma after a truly awful day.

I was thinking about Stormcast Eternals, and how their open ended origin fluff supposedly allows for great variation in armies. The idea is that Sigmar picks out heroes FROM BEYOND TIME AND SPAAAACE to be part of his war hosts.

He bangs up their souls in Sigmarite, thrusts the weight of the world's future on them, and kicks them out the door in a lightning bolt with the expectation that they'll just have to find their own way home.

Sigmar's kind of a jerk that way.

Anyway, with such a broad origin space to pick from, why are all the current Stormcast factions so vanilla? Where are the viking clones? The vampires? The mongols and machine obsessed? Yes I'm referencing known Space Marine chapters, but that's my point. A White Scar, whilst using the same codex, is not the same as a Salamander.

They've not been around long, but in the Age of Internet, the first person to put out their unique Stormcast faction, with some decently kit bashed models and a rocking colour scheme could well insinuate themselves into the narrative of the game.

Wouldn't it be great if your were the guy who made the Stormcast analogue to the Space Wolves. Your Dudes forvever a part of the fluff?

Just a little thought.

Thanks for reading.

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