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Aeldar New Year: Guardian to Ranger Conversion

Chinese New Year is this week, and my wife and I are busy getting ready for it (new clothes, roasted pork, roasted duck, lucky money packets etc.). As you can imagine from the total lack of new posts, hobby time is extremely limited, but I have two or three nice things set aside for this week.

My All Female Astra Militarum Regiment have been performing a little too well against my School Club members, to the point where they're genuinely afraid of facing them in School Alliance match-ups. With terror of teacher's army of skill in 40K achieved, I'm going back to some other armies, to soften any games they have against me in the future.

So I chose Eldar Craftworlds.

Some of you are already laughing.

Whilst I'm hammering out another list to inspire (fear) and challenge my student neophyte players, I already have some small modelling challenges of my own to sort out. Put simply, I want some Rangers to form my Troops choices.

It's fairly understandable as to why. Rangers are quite strong in this edition, with their long range rifles, infiltration deployment and -1 To Hit cloaks (which also come with a a +2 to save whilst in cover). But it's not just the rules.

My Eldar force is a fusion between the jet bike focus of the Saim Hann and the heavily Corsair and Harelquin influenced Lugganath. I like to imagine my Eldar as not really being from a minor craftworld, but really an oversized cruiser. An island ship as opposed to the Craftworld planet ship.

Since the population is comparatively small, the regular populace never fights on foot, always using jet bikes or vehicles to make up for their lack of elf-power. Which is a problem, since my Troops are a big block of 10 Guardians.

I've been wanting to replace them forever, but with eBay Rangers always going close to regular retail price, and Rangers now being usually out of stock from Games Workshop themselves, I was stuck with just the conversion route.

So here's the guys:

aeldar eldar guardian to ranger conversion

aeldar eldar guardian to ranger conversion

aeldar eldar guardian to ranger conversion

A really easy conversion, it was a simple barrel swap on the Shuriken catapult with harlequin haywire canons, and Dark Eldar heat lance from the Reaver jet bike kit.

Now these guys are nowhere near done, and will need a new paint job. For those of you wondering where the trade mark Ranger cloak is going to come from... well that's where the paint job will come in.

Tomorrow I look at some Warp Spider conversions.

Until next time!

Thanks for reading.

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