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Necrons and The Future Chapter Tactic of the Space Wolves?

I have to admit, I've always been fascinated by the Sons of Fenris. In them the grim dark of 40K perfectly fuses with the silliness and conceits of the setting. Of course there are space viking werewolves, and of course they're hard drinking and yet loyal to a fault.

And of course, they are a dying light of optimism in the galaxy after losing their home world. This is the original Grim Dark universe after all.

Their fluff is excellent, but I wanted to talk about some crunch today and engage in some speculation about their best potential Chapter Tactic.

Currently, they only have one warlord trait, and two stratagems. They have their own psychic discipline too, but it's a little on the weak side now.

Warlord trait

  • Saga of the Warrior born: I'm not sure about its utility. It allows you to always fight first, unless another unit gets to do so for charging first or has a similar ability. Not bad, but you'd need to keep your warlord in melee all the time.


  • True Grit (1 CP): This lets you treat your bolters, bolt rifles, autobolt rifles and carbines as Pistol 2 for a round of shooting. Quite nice, getting you to add some extra attacks into combat that the enemy might not be expecting. Really nice with Intercessor bolt rifles, getting them to punch quite high above their weight in a melee.
  • Cunning of the Wolf (1 CP): One INFANTRY unit gets to outflank (6-inches maximum from table edge, 9-inches from nearest enemy). Happens at the end of the movement phase, but can be interesting to get an annoying unit right where you don't want it.Some confusion about if this can be used on multiple units. People suggest it's possible, but I think there's a rule allowing for only 1CP to be spent per phase. Quite good for putting a great big Blood Claw blob right on enemy flank for a lucky charge, or just an enormous distraction. (Edit: Just found out this is Okay for multiple units, as is the Raven Guard and Alpha Legion Stratagem)

I won't get into the psychic powers, as I don't think it will last long in its current iteration.

Warhammer Community released their latest drip in the marketing feed for the latest Necron codex, and I had a sudden revelation about what could simply make the Space Wolves as a flexible chapter...and possibly the best Primaris Marine chapter too (take that Rowbot Girlyman!).

Re-roll hits on charge or if charged? Now that's an excellent Space Wolf trait.

Space Wolves have traditionally had Counter-attack, allowing an extra attack if charged. This usually meant that charging Grey Hunters with 3 attacks each was a tricky proposition. Oh sure, you might get to fight first if you had higher Initiative, but what hit you back was going to hurt... even once you got past the Overwatch.

The above rule gives the Wolves a similar benefit, but also makes the more specialist close combat elements of the army (Thunderwolves, Wulfen, etc.) some benefit as well. You'd be encouraged to circle the enemy with your Troops, whilst the attack units go for the throat. Very wolfy.

This combines neatly with the stratagems above. This, combined with True Grit means your regular rank and file become surprisingly deadly in close combat. They won't be kicking out nearly the same level of attacks as Khorne Beserkers, but they certainly won't be slouches either. Cunning of the wolf can put a unit threatening the enemy that doesn't need to worry about getting off that charge. Overwatch, plus re-rolling hits once charged can more than make up for not getting that first strike.

It makes the Wolves distinct from the other close-combat Space Marines. Whereas the Blood Angels and Black Tenplars are all about hurling themselves at the enemy, the Space Wolves are more about encircling and cunning, able to charge in or hang back, dependent on the needs. This makes them feel less like frothing berserkers, and more like cunning wolves.

As a little extra benefit, since the trait is well balanced, it makes Space Wolves some of the best Primaris out there. With the extra wounds soaking up initial charges and their extra attack, Intercessors become some very interesting objective holders. Reivers become unpredictably predatory, perhaps goading their opponents to charge them instead of trying for first turn charges, with Inceptors doing somewhat of a similar trick. Aggressors, with their power-fists re-rolling hits, become much more reliable sources of high strength melee.

I haven't been able to dig out a release date for the Space Wolf codex, but I have no doubt the rules and crunch has long been sorted out for them. I just sincerely hope Games Workshop looked at that Necron trait and instantly saw its Space Wolf application, just as I did.

A guy can dream... and one day I will finally get around to making that Space Wolf army. I was somewhat inspired to make a Wolfy Primaris list, but then realised I was making my Raven Guard-traited Field Police army again... same units, different deployment.

I do hope the Sons of Russ won't be far off!

Until next time.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. You're not limited to one CP (or even one Stratagem) per turn or phase, you simply cannot use the same Stratagem more than once per phase.

    1. Quite right, and even just a simple bit of logic would make my statement stupid... if you could only spend 1CP then you could never use the Stratagems costing more than 1.

      I think I must have meant the Stratagem once per phase, as you say. The issue was using the Cunning of the wolf Stratagem to deploy multiple units using the Stratagem at the beginning of the battle, which I have been told is okay.


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