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The Tabletop Teacher

There comes a time in every man's life, when he must put aside the trappings of childhood, put the toy soldiers away, and focus on providing for his family.

I did that. I became a teacher, dropped the video games, anime and other bits and pieces of my youth. I became all respectable, got the good job with a decent benefits package, and so on.

And... it's not enough. Money is still tight every month, and whilst we're in no danger of starving, we always need to keep an eye on the bank balance. This is not so helpful for a happy family life. And this is compounded by having to drop what got you through the tough times of adolescence.

So, it's time to dust off the old dice, and see if we can make it work for us.

I have been gaming all my life, whether it be dice or pixels I have always had some game running. I have decades worth of experience in an almost religious pursuit of attaining game knowledge. I am loking to sell this experience to you, in the form of articles and the occasional video.

This sounds bad, but all I'm looking for is a few hundred pounds a month. I'm not hugely ambitious with this. I don't have time for it, and frankly, teaching kids Science is a much more worthwhile use of my time. But if I can help you not to suck at tabletop games, then I think that's worth a bit of ad revenue.

Also, with things as they are, I literally cannot afford to keep up my hobby. Your support, humble reader, will keep me in models and sanity. And I think it's fair that you get to share in that hobby, if you're helping it to progress.

So thank you for your click. It might not seem much to you, but it pays for that missile pod which puts the last blow in on a Wraithknight, or pops a Rhino killing all the marines inside.

Thanks for that, and every future story.


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