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Warhmmer 40K, Little thoughts: Genestealer Cults and Chaos

The new Genestealer Cult rules are awesome.

I simply have to applaud Games Workshop for introducing a new deployment method to the game, which can create such a wonderful atmosphere of paranoia and insecurity. I can already see the Tau clumping in one corner of the battlefield, and refusing to venture forth whislt multi-limbed cultists take all the objectives.

Cult ambush, and the slightly random effects of it are an amazingly new and fresh way to play, and something which is far better than the old ambush rules the Catachan Jungle fighters used to have way back in 3rd Edition.

I just have one problem with it.

Why the helicopter didn't they give it to Chaos Space Marines?!

Chaos Space Marines (CSMs) suffer from comparison to Imperial Astartes. The loyalists are masters of drop pod deployment. White Scars and Ravenwing are masters of the Scout move. Space Wolves have outflanking down to an art-form, and even the 10th Company Scout marines can lay claim to being some of the best infiltrators around.

So CSMs are left with some heavily armed and armoured shock troopers, that lag behind the sudden assault skills of their Imperium counterparts. You end up with footsloggers, and pale imitations of the mechanised blitzes possible from regular Astartes,

What CSMs needed was a unique deployment method to make the loyalists worry. They needed to be the bogeymen in the shadows, and suddenly pouring forth from warp-rents in reality. They needed to have the scare factor that Genestealer Cults now have.

But hey, still a good rule set to play, and play against, even if I think it should have gone to the spiky dudes. What do you guys think?

Thanks for reading.

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