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Dreadnought Naming Competition!

This is my latest dreadnought to add to my Space Marine Field Police:

space marine field police judge dreadnought
The nameless Space Marine Field Police Dreadnought

space marine field police judge dreadnought
Blue top lights flashing!

space marine field police judge dreadnought
Only the judged and sentenced see his back...

Unlike Judge Dreadnought, he doesn't have a name yet. I'd like it to be somewhat Robocop themed, but have to admit, I've drained my creative genius in coming up with Judge Dreadnought.

This is why I'm a teacher and not an artist...

In the true spirit of the internet, I'm opening this up to the public to help name this law-bot. Something suitably law enforcement themed, and preferably similar to Robocop, but that fits in the 40K universe.

He's a more venerable looking dreadnought, so this may be someone older than Judge Dreadnought. He has the hand shaped power fist, rather than the claw, so perhaps a little more human than the Judge, who is Law incarnate.

The best name will be chosen, and this dreadnought shall forever be known by it, and the winners name held in a place of honour alongside The First Patron.

(Dready McDreadface was taken... I checked.)

Thanks for reading.

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