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This Week in Warhammer 11/3/2017

Since Rise of the Primarch dropped, the Games Workshop marketing team has decided to take a wise breath before dropping any more bombs on the Warhammer World. It's been a very busy month for them, with new Stormcasts and what effectively amounts to three new mega factions in 40K, so we all need to take a bit of a breather.

That said, we've had a few new rumbles of model releases coming out, so let's dive in!

Latest Rumour Engine

This is probably the next step in the chain alluding to Genestealer cults arising on Terra, as the spidery outlines and teeth look distinctly alien/tyranid to me. However, we shouldn't ignore the Age of Sigmar possibility, as that skull, whilst having no eyes, could also be a rat skull.

Despite Skaven heavily featuring in the lore of Age of Sigmar (their little gnaw holes creating the rat version of the webway) they haven't had a great deal of new stuff... and by that I mean any new stuff, aside from a Blood Bowl team. This could well be the start of a Skaven release cycle. What do you think?

Warhammer 40K

Rise of the Primarch Released

Whilst webstore stocks have been sold out, most local friendly game stores have copies of this. As the usual sources on the interwebs are spreading information from these books over a week for clicks and ad-revenue (rich from a guy who begs for Patreon change I know), I would save the wait and pop down there and pick up a copy as soon as you can.

Dawn of War 3 on for Pre-Order

Dawn of War is one of the few really good Games Workshop games out there. Whilst I have a particular fondness for the Firewarrior FPS that came out a looong time ago, and for the point and click squad games, few games could live up to the polish that Dawn of War had.

The latest iteration is up for pre-order, with the release date slated for April. It's been a good series so far, and the general press coverage has been positive. Worth a look for those of us who aren't broke after Gathering Storm!

New Custodes Box Set

Warhammer Community has given us a glimpse of the new box set for the Adeptus Custodes, the Emperor's personal body guard, and the Sisters of Silence. The box set looks like it just has the plastic Custodes and Sisters models, rather than the shiny Forgeworld grav-tanks, but as long as it has a reasonable price tag to it, I'm sure many an Imperial player will find a use for it.

Mark III Space Marines availbale for Pre-order

Similar to how the plastic Mk. 4 Marines were released after the Betrayal of Calth, the Mk. 3 Marines form the Burning of Prospero are now going to be available to buy as a separate set. This could be seen as another Space Marine release, but I prefer to think of it as new models for the Chaos Space Marines, particularly for those legions that want to go simply traitorous/renegade instead of demonic.

Blood Bowl

Big rat foot ball player and more

Forge World have released a picture of a new rat ogre model. Unlike the old one, this actually looks like it can move! There are also a few other star player models available. Go check them out!

Old - Image borrowed from here

Aaand that's about it. A quiet week, but to be fair, everybody will be reading their copy of Rise of the Primarch rather than checking this blog. Have a good weekend guys!

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