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The Long Plot of the Duardin Reveal Part 2

So let's jump into matching up rumour engine pictures with reveals, and see where this whole story begins. First the obvious one:

This was revealed to be a part of a larger piece of work showing a greater demon in mid-sky battle with a Kharadron air-ship. Not a mecha suit like I hoped, but of equal steampunk silly-awesomeness.

This piece was one of the first rumour engine picture to released:

 We can now identify this as anything from the Skyriggers to any of the ships. What bugs me about it is tat I can't find any exact matches in the pictures below. Either the bits are just on the other side of the models, or there are more minis waiting to be revealed. See for yourself if there's anything I've missed.

Here's an easy one!

 What I thought may have been an exodite spear turns out to be a Duardin boat hook.

The next ones are all frustratingly close to being part of the reveal, but not identified in the models seen:

There are certainly glowy bits, and the metallics match the colour scheme of the Kharadrons... but there's nothing on the new models that matches it!

Mechanical enough to be part of an air-ship, yet not readily identifiable in the pictures. A further mystery.

That's all for now. Until next time!

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