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Tabletop Engineer: Skitarii Kit Bash

Whilst the dust settles on an impressively busy week, I'm dipping back into to Tabletop Engineer files to post for tonight. This Week in Warhammer up tomorrow, along with a double-barreled paid post. As a reminder, these kit bash guides are a little old, and actually before any AdMech models were widely available from Games Workshop. Take it away Engineer!

Being an Adeptus Mechanicus nut I always wanted my very own army to represent this secluded and relatively unknown faction of the Imperial alliance. Previous attempts at making an AdMech force was met with failure as the procedure to convert viable models was long, labourous and quite difficult to replicate consistently (usually consistency is not a problem for the AdMech but I wanted some coherency to my force).

The Trooper

The kitbash I settled for was a conglomeration of the Tau Firewarriors,  Imperial Guard and Forgeworld bits. Simple head and body swaps (or arm and head swaps depending how you look at it).

The breakdown of these little troopers are as follows:
Head - Forgeworld Elysian drop troop head
Torso - Tau Fire Warrior (with the standard backpack)
Arms - Imperial Guard Cadian arms
Weapons - Lasguns with the barrel replaced with the Tau grenades
Legs - Tau Fire Warrior

Very simple kitbash with promising results. The only crux is that the Tau Fire Warrior torso is slightly weedy compared to the common man and as a result the Imperial Guard weapon arms do not match up perfectly in every case; some tiny cutting of the sleeves usually solves this but it is difficult to get a snug fit everytime (good thing it is easily hidden away).

Like a Boss (I really need some explosions in the background)

Heavy Weapons 'Team'

All foot sloggers need some fire support, and initially I had based the AdMech army on the Imperial Guard Codex this meant the support came in the form of Heavy Weapon Teams. The Mechanicum's love for walkers was what made me make this cute beastie.

The main body and legs come from the Forgeworld Necron Tomb Stalker model, the weapon was raised so that it ran parallel with the body using Green Stuff and this was attached to the back 'spine' of the Tomb Stalker body segment.

The GS section is a bit ugly but as a prototype it shows that the kitbash can work and soon a multitude of these guys will be gracing future battlefields. Further improvement planned is to magnetise the weapons so that I can swap the load outs for a bit more versatility.

Other areas for improvement is the front of the body segment, as it looks very bare. I was thinking of covering it up with purity seals and scrolls to hide the fact I can't sculpt.

Thanks for reading.

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