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New Dawn Flotilla: Outcast Shining Spear Prototype

Laptop still dead, but nothing stops the Tabletop Teacher Train*!

Here's a picture of the prototype for my Outcat Shining Spears.

Shining Spear Outcast Warrior

Rather than have traditional Aspect Warriors, I'm making all my specialist troops different factions from the Eldar race. The New Dawn Flotilla is a motely collection of ships that have broken away from the Lugganath Craftworld, in search of a new path for the Eldar to reclaim their future.

These Shining Spears, along with some Warp Spiders, are part of a trophy hunting corsair group, out to hunt the biggest and strongest creatures out there. Why? Because after a few hundred years of floating through space, you'd be bored too.

I particularly like his flaming spear, but absolutely hate the paint on the skin. It's a little too pale. Does anyone have any suggestions on making a more tanned tone?

Until next time!

* Reports, Broken Laptops, Anniversaries, Birthdays and Mother's Day are things that have been known to stop the Tabletop Teacher Train.

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