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BREAKING: Warhammer 40K, Plot tectonics: Warzone Fenris Part 2

All hail the Lord of Change!

With all the releases that have built up, it looks as though the obvious conclusion is The Thousand Sons coming along to put down the Space Wolves... again.

It happened before, with Magnus himself leading the battle, and led to his direct confrontation with Bjorn the Fell-handed. Whilst it may have seemed like a defensive victory for the Space Puppies, with Tzeentch's boys unable to obliterate the chapter's home world, it was actually a ploy by Magnus to disrupt the Wolves gene-seed research. This ensures that we only have one canon Space Wolf successor chapter, that turned a bit... hairier than usual.

This time it looks like Magnus is back to finish the job. Which can only mean one thing...

New Tzeentch/Thousand Son Decurion formation! Or Tzeentch daemonkin!

Which is great, but 8th Edition is probably going to drop next year. You're going to get a few glorious months of fireballs and random mutations, wildly exclaiming 'Just as planned!', followed by a hard reset to mediocrity as everything in the 40K universe re-balances.

So if you're in it for the new Chaos Sorcerer cheese, I wouldn't be too excited about picking up the next Warzone Fenris book. If that's your goal it'll probably just be a waste of money (barring a catastrophic failure of the 8th Edition rule set).

Instead, buy it for the reasons anyone should be into 40K for; the fluff and pretty pictures. Don't worry. You're allowed to enjoy the hobby side of things as well as the game!

What this will really be is a great new release of Thousand Sons models. I have actually been waiting for this for a very, very... very long time.

Of all the Space Marine legions, the only three to really draw me in have been the White Scars, Imperial Fists and the Thousand Sons. Whilst in my youth I was very much a Dark Angel fan, I have since grown a bit tired of the secretive and grim nature of them. They suited me well when I was an awkward teenager, but Fists, Scars and Sons were a much more adult fascination.

As such, I have been eagerly waiting for a Thousand Son revamp to start a Chaos army. I'm hoping for some really good models to come along, and will be following this particular release very closely!

Thanks for reading.

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