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Warhammer, How to run a club: Conquering Territory for Teef

As I wandered through the school canteen at tea time (boarding school, so teacher doesn't get off duty until all the kids go to bed), a member of Senior Leadership (educational jargon for Boss) comes up to me and gives me some good news.

They want me to extend club times to Saturday mornings. As a formal activity. For a few hours. Replacing the existing Saturday activity that was open for students at that time.

Which sounds bad on the surface of it, but then he says the magic words: "We'll give you some budget for it..."


Now bear in mind I've been running Saturday sessions informally ever since I've started the club. I think this is basically a ploy for more marketing ammunition for the school, but I'm not going to turn down extra money.

It also means I actually have more gated time for my own hobby. And I'll be getting paid for my time too. Good work if you can get it!

Details have yet to be hammered out, but it looks as though my little nerd empire is expanding. A normal person would stop here, and build walls around their little activity to keep out other teachers that will want to pinch their budget. But as the Great Khan said, "Don't build walls, break them!" Little war gaming club which tended to attract odd looks from other members of staff will now be stepping on the toes of the various art and design technology clubs.

Why would I do this? Again, as Jaghatai Khan, Primarch of the White Scars says, security is a lie. No matter how many victories you think you've won you'll still be vulnerable to sudden attack and extinction. Running a club with school money is no different. You need to be able to prove your worth to the school at all times, and hold the interest of students throughout the whole year. Otherwise you'll lose both funding and club members to other young Aspiring Educational Champions.

This is something the chess and chequers teachers are discovering. I think the next sphere of expansion will be board games. There seems to be rich loot there...

Don't build walls. Break them.

Thanks for reading.

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