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Warhammer, How to run a club: NEW Collectible Cards

I was in my local Games Workshop store last weekend, discussing the club shenanigans with the shop manager.

For those who consider Games Workshop to be a faceless monolithic money-grubbing organisation, I suggest you pop down to your local shop more often. You'll soon discover the majority of employees are neck bearded nerds like yourself, and drop the internet cynicism that pervades the web ways.

I get on well with the manager, and am fairly certain he's going to have a good time this Christmas judging by my student's Christmas Wish-lists. Even though it's only November they have written their 'Dear Santa' letters, with Santa crossed out and the manager's name in place.

It's an odd time to be running the club, as greed spills over and students are picking my brains for advice on what models to buy. Whilst dreams of shiny new Space Wolves in 4+ cover under the Christmas Tree are being woven, Dark Angel's from various Starter kits remain only in their black undercoated state.

Basically the kids are running into the first pit fall of 40K; chasing the dragon of collecting. They're not finishing their painting, and they're still a bit shaky on the basic rules.

As I moaned to the manager about this, he revealed a new collectors item for the kids to acquire:

Collectible cards! They all fit into the collection book below:

The way they get these cards is by completing objectives outlined by the cards themselves. This one is for bringing a painted army into the shop:

This one is for a built army (unpainted):

And these few for starter cards:

There are some nifty card descriptions on the back, with a little more artwork, but I'm going to leave that as a surprise. Wouldn't be any fun if you got all the stuff from the internet! I'm sure there's also a great deal of other cards in the works, with some hidden ones about to pop up.

Whilst it is a blatant marketing campaign aimed at children, I'm actually on board with it. As a teacher, I often have to chivy students along a course with various carrots and sticks. You'd think the carrot of getting  decent job at the end of education would be enough, but you'll always need awards, stickers and commendation type things to get them from week to week. These cards fulfill that in terms of the Warhammer Club.

It also means I can set targets. I can now say, "By the end of this term you will have your Builder and Painters cards." It also means I can set up School trips to go and have battles using the local shops boards, and come out of it with a little piece of card to show we did something.

So I'm in full support of this. I mentioned before how it's important for young people these days to have long term goals and projects, and to maintain interest in things beyond their trending life-time. This is a good way to validate the time spent with the models, and for the adults in the young person's life to physically show that achievement.

Good job Games Workshop. This on top of the Start Collecting boxes, the recently released FAQ, the relatively new Facegroup group and great new Warhammer Community site just means you're hitting all the right notes. I sincerely hope this leads to the company's financial success.

In fact, have this little card as an achievement. Well done.

Thanks for reading.

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