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Warhammer 40K, Mini-Battle Report: Blood Angel vs. Eldar Skirmish

Immediately after the battle board was finished, I couldn't stop the students from throwing some miniatures on it for a game. The paint wasn't even fully dry on most of it, but still, models went down.

Qualified Teacher Standard 1: Inspire students. Objective secured.

The battle was brief, as we only had 15 minutes to play.

Eldar force:

10 Guardians, with Brightlance platform.
1 Harlequin troupe leader, Neuro-disruptor and Storied Sword

Blood Angels force:

5 Death company Marines, with jump packs and mixed weapons
1 Chaplain, with Jump pack and Inferno pistol

Mission Objective:

The pot of white paint...

The battle was short and bloody. The Guardians brightlance brought down one Death Company Marine in the first turn, burning a neat hole in his face plate and dropping him to the ground.

The Death Company moved up to counter attack, but failed to get into charge range, nipping of a Guardian with bolter fire. The Chaplain hung back from the main unit, looking to secure the paint pot for the Glory of Sanguinius.

The Eldar pushed forward, and in a torrent of shuriken fire dropped two more Death Company marines to rending shots, both failing their Feel no Pain rolls. The troupe leader danced behind the guardians, emboldening them with tales of great Eldar victories, and shooting wildly into the air with his neuro-disruptor (i.e. rolling a 1 for his to hit roll).

The next turn had the Death Company well within charge range. Another two Guardians fell to bolter fire, and easily made their charge roll. Overwatch from the Guardians was pitiful, managing an astonishing five hits but failing to wound with any! The Chaplain, at eleven inches away failed his own charge roll, and continued to lurk around the objective paint pot.

The combat phase was brutal. The Guardians fought valiantly, striking first and putting on several wounds. The enraged Death Company weathered the storm, power armour deflecting blows and simply Feeling no Pain in their gene-seed driven madness. They tore the Eldar apart, killing all but one.

The lone Guardian fled the rampaging death-clad angels, and managed to escape the rout.

The next turn showed Cegorach's true sense of humour, as the Troupe master failed to hit with his disruptor, charged in and failed to hit with any close combat attacks, and was brought down by the Death Company's return blows.

A resounding loss for the Eldar, but probably to be expected... they were very much under-pointed against the Blood Angels. However, it was only a quick game to test out the board. It made the game feel much more awesome, and has given us some good incentive to finish off the boards.

The Eldar will return though. These Guardians (whilst commanded by a student) are actually part of the Teacher's Private Army (The TPA... some American's may chuckle at that). What is the full TPA? Let's see next week...

Thanks for reading.

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