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Tabletop Engineer: Making the Gunslinger

A brief intro again for Tabletop Engineer. This time he's back with a dual wielding Blood Angel! This stuff is fairly old (and that becomes obvious in his first sentence!), but the paints can all be found with this hand converter.

Take it away buddy!

With the release of Warhammer 40k 6th edition there have been many changes to the rule system. Some good, some bad, some weird, some awesome.

There was one rule that popped out to me, not exactly game breaking but makes for some really fun models. Gunslinger: This allows a model with two pistol weapons to shoot both of them in the shooting phase. Since I run primarily Codex:Blood Angels this meant I had to give someone in my army two Melta pistols. I decided to give it to an Assault Marine sergeant, couple that with 2 Meltaguns from the squad and that's a Deep Striking Assault squad with 4 Melta shots.

Okay it is pretty game breaking.

Anyways I just had to convert a model with it, I've had this idea for a while and I have converted models with dual bolt pistol before. This one is not a particularly ambitious kitbash but it shows you can still make some interesting models just using the normal multi-part kits.

The Break Down.
Main body: Old Death Company model
Arms: Infernus Pistols from Death Company kit.
Jump Pack: Pack from Death Company kit

There are still more rules to play with. Changes to power weapons is making me rethink a lot about the load out for my Blood Angels army, for better and for worse (I have to start thinking about missile launchers for those pesky flyers). We shall soon see what the future holds.

After painting:

There has been a small change, I used a different base model (also another old metal Death Company model) and positioned the arms so he's firing akimbo (John Woo style). (So basically the whole model... - Ed).

Pretty basic paint scheme.
Armour: GW Blood Red and GW Enchanted Blue
Scrolls: GW Bleached Bone
Tassels: GW Bad Moon Yellow
Guns: GW Shining Gold
Metalwork: GW Leadbelcher

Everything was basecoated and washed with GW Devlan Mud. The model was finished off with cleaning up some of the blotchiness that formed and highlights.

Thanks for reading.

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