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This week in Warhammer 25/02/2017

Hello and welcome to this week in Warhammer on the 25th February 2017. Quite a few bits and pieces, and whilst it's not a roller coaster of a week in terms of news there are still some significant stories.

Rumour Engine

This is a similar looking part to a Stormcast cloak clasp. The issue with going down that line of thinking is the chipping on the central piece, as well further up the model. The servants of Sigmar tend to always be at their best, so they can be somewhat ruled out. My guess would be some kind of Chaos model from either 40K or Age of Sigmar.

We'll see... there's not much to link this to last weeks image. 

Warhammer 40K

Theatrical Trailer for Fall of Cadia 3

With a bit extra information to be found on the Warhammer Community page, we have this new trailer for Rise of the Primarch. This is probably the biggest bi of news this week, so take a look!

Rumour: Cypher kills the Emperor

Faeit 212 have run a story with some rumours for the upcoming Rise of the Primarch release. Seeing as how these are rumours, I was going to ignore it until seeing the last little tid-bit. Apparently Cypher will kill the Emperor.

This sounds... unlikely. If he were to do such a thing, he probably wouldn't be running around with Guilliman, who'd be more likely to shove the Emperor's flaming sword up his backside for doing it. What's going to be interesting is how we get from Macgragge to Terra for all these events to occur.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar

Stormcast Eternals with Siege Crossbows!

Yeah... puts those Judicators to shame really. These Sigmarines not only carry around crossbows bigger than them (possibly compensating for something not carried over in the storm forging process?), but they also come with a flock of birds.

They look great, and come with a set of powerful rules we've come to expect from Games Workshop flagship faction.

Return of the Master in Warhammer Quest

It's a big change to an otherwise traditional board game, but the Game Master has come back to Warhammer Quest. This is a really welcome thing to happen, and you can ready about it over at Warhammer Community.

I particularly like this, as it's turned Warhammer Quest into a gateway drug for more nerdy role playing games. That's a door that swings both ways, and I'd like to see Dungeons and Dragons folks being lured into the world of toy soldiers through this game too.

With all this stuff in it, I'm considering buying this game of Warhammer Quest for my school's House. This would be a nice thing for the boarding students to get stuck into over the weekends.

Re-release of Talisman

So last week Fantasy Flight games said it was their final week selling a certain card game... and now Games Workshop have gleefully announced their reclamation of the game! They say they will be releasing a new edition this year. A good sign of more specialist games from Games Workshop.

As a side note, it's good business sense to diversify this way. That way they're not too reliant on the success of just 40K or Age of Sigmar.


New Cataphractii Terminator Upgrades

I've always had a soft spot for anything called Cataphract. When I was playing Even online I ran under the name Khanid Kataphract, in an effort to give myself a unique identity in a sea of knights, samurai and (mostly!) pirates. Forgeworld have released some upgrades for them this past week.

You can now get some excellent looking storm shields for your Imperial Fists, and the early version of the assault cannon (my favourite Space Marine weapon), for the Bangles and Sons of Dorn.

Blood Bowl

Human team re-release with Ogre

The humans are now available as a separate box set, meaning you no longer have to buy the whole set of Blood Bowl to get them. In addition, Games Workshop have put in a new Ogre model. Nice to get some muscle in that team!

Whadya mean I'm not an 'oomin?!

New novel

Blood Bowl has a story all of it's own running parallel to the old Warhammer Fantasy Battle plot. The latest novel has just been put up for download over at Black Library. Take a look guys, it's a short and cheap to get story, about a short and cheap to get main character!

That's all for this week. If I've missed something, let me know in the comments below, or contact me on the Twitters or Facebook.

Thanks for reading.

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