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DnD Scenario: Pitch Black

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Another fun scenario, that requires very little preparation from the DM.

The players enter a magically darkened labyrinth. There is no light whatsoever, and the walls themselves suck light from any source. It is perfectly pitch black, and even if your adventurers devise some clever way of creating light or seeing, a malevolent, invisible force disrupts whatever plan they've had.

The goal is to get through the labyrinth, using nothing but touch, wit, and luck...

This is a great experience to drop in at the beginning of a dungeon, or as a mini-quest to find whatever mcguffin they need to get to advance the plot.

Drop in a few pennies, and take a look! You get a bundle of DnD, 40K and Age of Sigmar scenarios, and also get to buy some paint brushes for the school club. Entertainment AND sense of self-satisfaction and pride. What have you got to loose?

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