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Blood Reaver Gallery and Skin Painting Guide

The last week has been a blur. I was on duty in the boarding house 3 nights in a row, and we're just gearing up for half term. But I did get some painting done over the weekend!

Here are the school club's Blood Reavers, finally painted up to a decent standard. I'm not doing anything more to them, as they're there to die in droves anyway.

Ethnic diversity is a weird subject to mention in the same breath as orruks and aelves, but I do approve of variety in colours. There are three different skin tones here, one of which turned out a little too orange leading to a HILARIOUS name given to them by my students.

Caucasian skin:
Ushabti bone
Wash with Reikland fleshshade

Dark skin:
Mournfang Brown
Wash with Agrax Earthshade

Trump skin:
Tau Ochre
Wash with Reikland fleshshade

I really don't like painting hordes, which has put me off Imperial Guard since the beginning of time, and part of that is down to the faff of painting skin tones. The above methods are great for quickly getting through a bundle of chaff units, and have a decent enough look to them for games.

I'm now a little inspired to do an Age of Sigmar army. And I think I have a unique enough slant on a well established faction to make that fun...

Until next time!

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