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T'au Cadre Fireblade Conversion: Base Coats

Just a quick one, as I've been surprisingly busy at home. First reports and UCAS references for university applications are the big topic of the next two weeks, for anyone interested in the goings on of the educational cycle. Point of fact this was ready for publishing last night, I just got interrupted by a boarding house crisis (involving towels).

And interrupted just now by a lesson. Very inconvenient.

This is the Fireblade with his skin done and base paints completed. He's looking very stocky compared to the other Fire Warriors, but he certainly does stand out. I need a name for him though...

I'm repaiting the orange on the Ethereals Staff. Starting with a birght red base and just layering up gets rid of the dirty brown quality.

This is just the previous step. The Thousand Sons blue is much warmer than the Macragge blue.

Also suvat kinematic equations.

Until next time!

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