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Cadre Fireblade Conversion: Final Construction

I think this is a very aggressive T'au commander...

As I constructed him, I kept thinking about how Imperial the model was becoming. This is not just because of the parts used on the model and the base, but the stance and the theme behind the model. I have an image in my head of a T'au Catachan officer, like Iron Hand Straken, full of gung ho attitude and bloody minded purpose.

In simple terms, I wonder if this Fireblade was more strongly influenced by the battles over Mu'gulath Bay than he'd like to admit. I wonder if, after fighting and planning against them for so long, he has turned more Imperial in his thoughts.

And I wonder if that's not actually a neat direction to take the Mu'gulath Bay Avengers in... what if they become the monsters that burned their sky? What if they adopted the disregard for casualties and unflinching devotion to capturing territory the Imperials have?

Also, anyone else notice how tall the ethereal is?

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