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Half-orruk Stormcast Eternal

When you like the idea of Stormcast Eternals, but still want to be a special snowflake:

half-orc half-orruk orruk orc half stormcast eternal
Half-orruk Stormcast Eternal battling mixed race Khorne Bloodbound... do you even Diversity bro?
Just a test piece to see if I like the colour scheme. I'm happy with the concept, but the gold and green are a bit meh. I think I might reverse the colours to more of a Salamander Space Marine scheme.

In terms of fluff, well, Age of Sigmar gives us many opportunities to break lore in the name of Your Dudes. My new Stormcast chambers could be made entirely of orc heroes who have been Reforged. They could have been infected by WAAAGGHH!! magic. They could even have more sinister undertones of being part of a genuine half-orruk race of humans who live in the Beast Realm.

Mostly I like the idea of subverting the paladin theme the Stormcast have, and having an excuse to shout WAAGGHH!! on the tabletop again.

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