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8th Edition 40K Rules Summary

We have had a huge amount of information dumped over the past few weeks, and despite me linking everything together as best I can, we're getting to the point where a lot of things are repeating themselves.

This is a summary of the revealed rules for 8th Edition 40K. It will also be a page here, which will be continually updated as more information comes in. I will link my previous articles, so you can have a bit more of an in-depth analysis (using Logic and Reason).

Here's a snapshot of the Core Rules, as found on miniwars:

Core Gameplay

Movement Phase

(As above)

Psychic Phase

Psykers roll 2d6, and match or beat a Casting Level for each power
Psyker can cast as many powers as datasheet says it can.
Some powers have extra effects for rolling well.
Deny the with rolls can only be done by Psykers.

Shooting Phase

BS table is gone, replaced with just a To Hit roll.
Cover saves add +1 to save rolls


Units that charge hit first.

Assault Phase

WS now replaced with flat To Hit roll.
After charging units have attacked, players take turns nominating units to strike.


Happens at the end of a turn
Any unit that has lost a model must test
Roll d6, and add casualties. Subtract Leadership. Remove that number of models from the unit.

To Wound Rolls

No more invincible units.
See the table, but it's fairly self-explanatory.



Battleforged armies will reward the general with Command Points (se below)
Essentially variations on the CAD


Everyone has split fire.


Will have an Ethereal style buff bubble.
Cannot be targeted if there is another unit nearby.

Monstrous Creatures

Variable stats based on wounds taken


Essentially Monstrous Creatures now.


Models disembark at the beginning of the Movement Phase.
Can move, shoot, advance and charge normally

Shooting Weapons Close Combat Weapons

Rends deduct from save rolls.
Unwiedly weapons have -1 to Hit, but otherwise hit in normal order.

Twin-Linked and Combi Weapons

Twin linked weapons have double the shots.
Combi weapons have infinite ammo, and can choose to fire both parts of the weapon at -1 To Hit


Advanced Rules

Power Levels

Super simple points system for friendly games.

Stratagems and Command Points

General abilities that give you one-off bonuses

Deep Strike and Outflank

No more scatter.
Deploy at the end of the Movement phase.

Structures and Buildings Cities of Death

Some special Strategems for these

Thanks for reading.

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