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BREAKING NEWS: 8th Edition 40K Close Combat Weapons Revealed!

A quick discussion today, as I have to work.

Well, work I get paid for. Education, future of mankind, passing exams etc.

The close combat weapons for 8th Edition were revealed today. The power weapons are listed as below, and it's nice to be confirmed on both the prediction I mad about them and Force weapons in the Thousand Son data sheet release.

Force weapons are the same, but give d3 damage. Which is nice!

The chainsword has also ben upgraded, leading to some questions about attacks models can have.

The extra attack is going to be fairly critical for turning close combat units into multi-attack monsters. Striking Scorpions and Assault Marines will be happy with this, and I think Chosen and Grey Hunters will have a great time with them!

The question this raises is the attack bonus for having 2 close combat weapons or a pistol and close combat weapon. I seem to remember the answer being no, but I'm a little too pressed for time to check right now.

The power fist has ben upgraded like crazy:

The stats are fearsome, but the most excellent bonus is the loss of unwieldy! Instead of hitting first, these now only have a -1 to Hit. Hammernators are back in a really big way, and will be pounding monstrous creatures and knights into submission before they can get hit back!

The Reaper Chainsword, the first D-strength weapon to be properly information dropped, shows us the direction these weapons are going in. A simple fix in the new 8th edition, they just have a huge amount of damage on wounds that go through.

That's all for now. Have a good weekend everyone!

Until next time.

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