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Primaris Space Marines Analysis Part 2: More questions than answers

So, mere hours after I posted my initial analysis of the New Marines, Games Workshop uploaded their data sheet for them. Now we are going to have more questions.

First up, I was right about the extra wound, but it appears that's all the extra defence they have. This, an extra attack and better gun, are all that separate them from a normal Tactical Marine

Which renders them relatively pointless, occupying somewhere between a Tactical Marine and a Terminator:

A place which is usually held by Sternguard or Vanguard Veterans. Or Deathwatch. Or Legion of the Damned. Except with less character, with the Intercessor really just being two Tactical Marines occupying the same body.

Honestly, if I hadn't already assumed this was just a phasing out process for the old Marines, these new guys would be entirely redundant. You could argue that these are the tough shock troops I suggested for assault, but I doubt Games Workshop had meat shield in mind or these guys.

The next piece to this puzzle comes from the Power Levels. If you look back at the Tactical squad, the PL is listed as 5, just 1 less than the Primaris New Marines. Whilst the inclusion of heavy/special and sergeant weapons probably makes up the difference there, the Intercessor squad more than happily fills the role of core Troops choice, being able to threaten a wide variety of targets, and being very flexible in role. I don't see the inclusion of an extra lascannon being enough to bump up the Tacticals... unless they can field Special and Heavies in a 5 man squad (good old Las/Plas).

Further questions come with grenades.

What is the limiting factor here? Under the new rules strength 3 is no longer as weak, meaning that frag grenades can seriously hurt if used en masse. Can they be used in close combat? How many can be thrown at once?

What does And They Shall Know No Fear do in this edition? If it does anything similar to 7th, then wouldn't that undo the good work in making the new morale system? It would also mean the Stratagems and Command Points for dealing with Morale check are now band-aids for other factions, as opposed to a shared abilities for all players.

I think what irritates me is comparing them to Thousand Sons Rubricae:

Comparing the two, if you look at the base cost of 5 Rubricae (+6 Power Levels as an upgrade for the squad), then we can see these are roughly equivalent.

But then the Intercessors can move faster, have more attacks, shots in close combat, double the wounds, longer range and potentially better morale than the Rubricae! We don't have the granulated points yet, but you can see the Thousand Sons getting close to being over-costed again!

Close examination of this means that Sorcerer is effectively adding 2 Power Levels on his own.

I think I'm being overly critical here, but we'll just have to wait for more information.

Until next time!

Thanks for reading.

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