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News about refunding your codex: The Good and the Bad

The good news is, that Games Workshop just announced that you have a bit of extra time to get a refund voucher for your Codex. You have until this Friday (May 5th 2017).

The bad news is that they won't refund Gathering Storm, as commenter Nick told us:

They will not refund the Gathering Storm books, this is the reply I have gotten today :

"Hi Nick,

I am really sorry, but The Gathering Storm books are not part of the voucher offer, this is because they are 90% narrative which is still awesome and hopefully you will continue to enjoy going forwards.
Sorry for any disappointment caused.

Kind regards,

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I find this a very weak excuse (because you needed to buy the Gathering Storm books if you wanted to use Guilliman in your games and GW knows prefectly well that the books that sold the most the 8 weeks prior before the 8th edition announcement were the Gathering Storm books. Total ripoff !

I was afraid they'd say that, making the one Gathering Storm book I got the most expensive novel I've ever bought (and one of the shortest). Seeing as how I've only gotten two games out of the units and formations out of it also mean it's one of the poorest value for money codexes I've ever bought... as everything in it will be redundant shortly.

I want to think of this as the last vestige of Old Games Workshop dipping it's hand into my wallet for one last cash grab, and hope for a brighter future in 8th Edition. I hope that this is the last gasp of old Sales policies, just as Death from the Skies was the last gasp of over complicated rules for the sake of it.

Ironic that the entire galaxy is gone to hell in a hand basket, and yet I still hold out hope. Even in a grim dark future, and despite all past evidence to the contrary.

Tzeentch would be proud.

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  1. I have gotten a very similar response when trying to get a refund for the Tau Mont'Ka book. For those who don't know this is actually a pack of two books, one narrative and one totally containing rules.

    I have challenged their decision as this book is 50% rules, while I have yet to take a codex off my shelf that is not 50% rules or less. For example: Codex space marines is 111pages of background and 200 pages long.

    1. Also Fall of cadia is 99pages of fluff out of 136 (70%), while the imperial knight codex is 97pages of fluff out of 120 (80%)

    2. Thanks for commenting!

      It's certainly frustrating. I don't know why they bothered with working on these rules if they knew they'd be redundant in less than a year. Let me know how your challenge goes, and I'll put up an update for people... although I suspect the response will come after the Friday deadline.


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