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40K 8th Edition Galaxy Map Explained: Update

Galaxy map taken from Warhammer Community

I've been through the majority of this map, but the Games Workshop Marketing unveiled a bit more information about this yesterday. I also got a good lore tip from an anonymous commenter, which I'll post below.

First the update. Rather than the Cursed Ulcer, as Cicatrix Maledcitum translates to*, Games Workshop has rather wisely gone for the more legendary sounding Great Rift. They've confirmed my observations about the Imperium being cut in half, with some ominous hints at the galaxy being a very bad place on the Imperium Nhilus side. Or at least more bad than usual.

There are some hints as to it's origins. Whilst  good chunk of the expansion to the West is due to Cadia falling, and Magnus doing his magic on Fenris, we also have hints that the war in the Damocles Gulf, as talked about it Kayon and Montka, contributed to the growth in the East.

A neat way to make the Tau conflict relevant, but I wonder just how big an impact that would have really had... were there enough souls/lives lost in that campaign to make a warp tear? It was all centred on one planet, and Tau lives would barely register in the warp anyway. Expect plot shifts to happen in this region... or at least theory nerds to over explain things.

No word on how the big blog in the middle got started, although Remleiz over at 40K Theories suggests it could be due to the birth of Ynnead. I don't agree, as that would put the new Eldar death god into the Chaos pantheon, which would be entirely counter to the purpose of the character.

In the same article we see Guilliman properly becoming head honcho of the Imperium, possibly leading to a certain Games Workshop developer to squee himself into a fan-coma. For some neck beards, this could only be made worse by having Khaldor Draigo turn up and kill Slaneesh to remove that god from the setting, making the galaxy more PG.

Finally, thanks to anonymous commenter, who explains the warp storms in the North:

"Storm of the Emperors Wrath is a leftover from the Age of Apostasy. It appeared and destroyed the Frateris Templar fleet Goge Vandire sent to quell the uprising led by Sebastian Thor."

Thanks commenter. Next time leave a name so I can properly thank you!

Until next time.

*10/05/2017 Edit: Actually translates to Cursed Gash/Scar

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