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BREAKING NEWS: Primaris Space Marine Datasheets!

*face palm* Oh come on, why even bother making assault marines?!

Games Workshop, in the latest carriage of the hype train, has revealed the data sheets for the Primaris Space Marines that you get in the starter box set... well minus the Hellblaster volley squad.

The Captain in Gravis Armour is below:

An interesting character, his ability makes Marines around him more accurate. Re-rolling ones To-Hit is great for both melee and shooting. The wording looks like it's only for friendly units, but I think at the top of any FAQ in the future would be "Does the Captain get the benefit of his Rites of Battle ability?" An important question, as re-rolling 1s on a 2+ To-Hit is just a tad on the over-powered side.

The Gravis armour is kind of a half-centurion suit. As far as I can tell from the stats, it gives +1 to Toughness, but keeps the save value the same. Any Nurgle player can tell you just how valuable that extra toughness is, and in new 8th Edition wound rolls, you'll need Strength 10 or higher to get that 2+ to wound.

I'm not sure if I missed it in the close combat weapon pages, but can you split your attacks between close combat weapons? I just wonder what the purpose is in giving him power a power fist and a Master crafted power sword. Can he switch between either depending on what he's attacking? They seem very similar in what they can do.

Also, stealth reveal for master-crafted weapons. They do more damage now, as opposed to re-rolls To-Hit. Much better.

Also revealed were the Inceptor (Primaris Assault Marines) here:

They have a version of Hammer of Wrath, and a frankly broken Deep Strike rule. It's not like it's any different from other null-deploy options, but the fact it's attached to a unit armed as they are makes it an absolute no-brainer to take.

The weapons they have are short ranged Heavy Bolters. And they carry two of them. This means they land and shoot out 6 strength 5 shots each. In the context of the Starter Box set, where the enemy will be Toughness 5, that's not ever so bad. But in the context of every other faction out there... well, Tau Firewarriors can tell you just how great 18 Strength 5 shots are, and these Marines can shoot straighter than Tau.

They are also Toughness 5... just because. And with 2 wounds each, they are very tough. The marketing team bills them as being a multi-purpose unit. Just a quick comparison of what they can do with a similar Power level unit:

The Inceptors have more wounds, are faster, tougher and have harder hitting guns. Rubric Marines again paying a hefty fine for that Sorcerer in their midst, and their Inferno boltguns again found lacking compared to other options out there.

You may be thinking that they're at least a Troops choice compared to the Fast Attack option of the Inceptors. So let's just have a quick look at the Primaris Intercessors:

I want to say Rubric's are going to come out balanced in the new edition. But all I'm thinking now is that I'm glad I held out on buying a box of them...

Well that's a depressing note to end on. I don't think anyone is going to be surprised that the new kids on the block are packing seriously good rules, especially since they're new Space Marines. I have no doubt that good Tzeentchian players will bend the Rubric's abilities to good advantage. For the Thousand Sons, just being good-ish is better than what they're used to, so a net gain for all on this one.

Also... Scarab Terminators have yet to hit. I wonder if they have All is Dust too?

Tzeentch is the god of Hope after all...

Until next time!

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